The professional package for mobile applications (Andriod-iOS) :

For large businesses

Designed for Entrepreneurs It is the distinguishing choice for professional mobile application projects. It consists of a range of software features through which we guarantee the maximum efficacy of the e-projects to be implemented; steps ranging from the first phase of engineering planning to the project and then the implementation mechanism (FSD) for the external design that is compatible with the commercial identity, beside the installation of payment gateway, electronic shipping gateway, protection and security systems, and even more brilliant features and software services. All that comes with a single control system that is easy to use to manage all the application tools easily... Get it now! Full technical support, unlimited data, special programming, analytic report, special design, control panel, software code, commercial identity, consultations, payment gateway, shipping gateway, sms service, project manager, protection and security, social media, google advertisements, email scope, financial report, software updates, financial facilitation

دعم فني كامل بيانات غير محدود برمجة خاصة تقرير Analytic تصميم خاص
لوحة تحكم الكود البرمجي الهوية التجارية استشارات بوابة الدفع
بوابة الشحن خدمة SMS مدير مشروع الحماية و الأمان سوشيال ميديا
إعلانات قوقل نطاق بريد إلكتروني تقرير المالي تحديثات البرمجية تسهيلات مالية

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